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Conrad's version of "Apocalypse Now"

Child of earth, dost think we are here in dreamland?

I looked to heaven, and tried to pray

He had made a world and saw that it was good

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Allan Quatermain
H. Rider Haggard Out of Africa there always comes some new thing
Henry James You can take the boy out of the country, but . . .
An Outcast of the Islands
Joseph Conrad Even a big tree may be killed by a small axe
Beach of Falesa
Robert Louis Stevenson They say it scares a man to be alone
Lew Wallace A Tale of the Christ
Billy Budd
Herman Melville Children among their other sports will play a funeral with hearse and mourners.
Bleak House
Charles Dickens This scarecrow of a suit -- no man alive knows what it means
Book of Wonder
Lord Dunsany The Gibbelins eat, as is well known, nothing less good than man
Voltaire A gardener in the best of all possible worlds
Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer A lot better than you remember from high school -- really!
Joseph Conrad It is a mighty force, that of mere chance
Child of Storm
H. Rider Haggard Allan Quatermain meets a wicked princess
Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens Humbug, I tell you! Humbug!
Count of Monte Cristo
Alexandre Dumas He had passed beyond the bounds of vengeance
Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoyevsky At first there seemed nothing but stains on the boots
Crock of Gold
James Stephens A Leprecaun without a pot of gold is like a rose without perfume
Crome Yellow
Aldous Huxley Sing Holiday! Sing Holiday!
Descent Into The Maelstrom
Edgar Allan Poe Around and down -- and back again
James Branch Cabell A Comedy of Woman-Worship
Dreamer's Tales
Lord Dunsany A song from the King of Over-the-Hills to the Queen of Far-Away
Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
Jules Verne A few minutes more were all the doomed man had to live!
End of the Tether
Joseph Conrad These good times won't last for ever.
Henry James Europe seems much larger than America
W. Somerset Maugham If death were dreadful, it was more tolerable than dishonour
Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds
Charles Mackay The definitive catalog of human folly
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Vicente Blasco Ibañez It is always expedient to destroy the enemy of tomorrow
Gentleman from San Francisco
Ivan Bunin Neither at Naples nor on Capri could any one recall his name
Gift of the Magi
O. Henry It's the thought that counts
Good Soldier
Ford Madox Ford Are we meant to act on impulse alone?
Great Expectations
Charles Dickens That small bundle of shivers, beginning to cry, was Pip
Gulliver's Travels
Jonathan Swift I have now done with all visionary schemes for ever
Hard Times
Charles Dickens Girl number twenty unable to define a horse!
Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad Conrad's version of "Apocalypse Now"
Hill of Dreams
Arthur Machen Ring within ring the awful temple closed around him
Howards End
E.M. Forster As civilization moves forward, the shoe is bound to pinch in places
James Branch Cabell Now Jurgen held his lance erect . . .
Rudyard Kipling A life wild as that of the Arabian Nights
King--of the Khyber Rifles
Talbot Mundy The Raj is saved by a case of boils
Anton Chekhov The water was running, he knew not where or why
Les Miserables
Victor Hugo A man steals a loaf of bread and never hears the end of it
Light That Failed
Rudyard Kipling God is just and terrible, with a strong sense of humour
Longest Journey
E.M. Forster The bully and his victim never quite forget
Lord Jim
Joseph Conrad Ability in the abstract is no asset
Man Who Laughs
Victor Hugo It is very fortunate that kings can not err
Man Who Would Be King
Rudyard Kipling The Son of Man goes forth to war, a golden crown to gain
Maria Chapdelaine
Louis Hemon Country folk do not die for love
Franz Kafka He found himself transformed into a giant insect.
Moon and Sixpence
W. Somerset Maugham He had made a world and saw that it was good
Helen Flint Who killed Peroon? Was it sex? Or the CIA?
Night and Day
Virginia Woolf From the heart of his darkness he spoke his thanksgiving
Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens Fine fellows, who never peached upon old Fagin!
Open Boat
Stephen Crane Maybe they think we're out here for sport!
Open Boat
Stephen Crane Maybe they think we're out here for sport!
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
Mark Twain Live forever, Maid of Orleans, live forever!
George Macdonald I was dead, and right content.
Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux Literature's legendary stalker
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
James Joyce Silence, exile, and cunning
Prester John
John Buchan The Snake returns to the house of its birth!
D.H. Lawrence Love--what does it mean--what does it amount to?
Revolt of the Angels
Anatole France "A comic and cruel misadventure befel the ancient Iahveh."
Rime of the Ancient Mariner and other poems
Samuel Taylor Coleridge I looked to heaven, and tried to pray
Scarlet Pimpernel
Baroness Orczy Is he in Heaven, or is he in Hell?
Rafael Sabatini Swashing buckles on the swells of the Spanish Main
Secret Agent
Joseph Conrad Unsuspected and deadly, like a pest in the street
Secret Sharer
Joseph Conrad It's what's inside that counts
Silas Marner
George Eliot A life of natural dignity
Sinking of the Titanic
Logan Marshall Agony that cannot be remembered
Ivan Turgenev All seemed as smoke to him, everything.
Sons And Lovers
D. H. Lawrence The novelist as a young man
South Wind
Norman Douglas The next best thing to leading others astray is to be led astray oneself
Tale Of Two Cities
Charles Dickens Spring of hope, winter of despair
Tales of Three Hemispheres
Lord Dunsany the door which one enters on the way to the Land of Dream.
Sir Walter Scott His sabre left its sheath as lightning leaves the cloud
Taras Bulba
Nikolai Gogol Is anything in the world that a Cossack fears?
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Edgar Rice Burroughs Love and loyalty and friendship. What are gold and jewels to these?
Tarzan of the Apes
Edgar Rice Burroughs He raised his voice in the awesome victory cry
Three Men in a Boat
Jerome K. Jerome Men behaving badly, with style
Tom Jones
Henry Fielding "Atrocious wickedness!"
Joseph Conrad Every ship MacWhirr commanded was the floating abode of harmony and peace
Vanished Arcadia
R. B. Cunninghame Graham The basis for De Niro's movie The Mission
Joseph Conrad Let Heaven look after what has been purified
Ward No. 6
Anton Chekhov Let us see what is going on inside
Worm Ouroboros
E. R. Eddison Child of earth, dost think we are here in dreamland?
Yellow God
H. Rider Haggard If wishes could kill him he would not live long
Joseph Conrad A flick of sunshine upon a strange shore

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